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Your guide to custom web development: 8 things to consider [2024]

Karolina Czapla

byKarolina Czapla

Marketing Specialist

If you want to develop a new digital product – whether it’s a website or a web application – you need to find a web development company that will help you with the whole process – from ideation to launch of the final product.

Guide to custom web development

How to make sure you have a perfect website for your startup?

Karolina Czapla

byKarolina Czapla

Marketing Specialist

The folks knocking on the doors of the Department of Web the most? Startups! In my time working at our web design agency, I’ve met brands that were diamonds in the rough but never took off. I’ve also seen some that flopped right out the gate, even with boatloads of cash backing ’em. And you know the kicker? They all had one thing in common…

Perfect website for a startup

How Custom Solutions can save you money — the hidden costs of using Off-the-Shelf Software

Jakub Mikita

byJakub Mikita

CEO & Senior developer

There are different approaches to creating a digital product. Nowadays, with no-code, low-code, or even SaaS, creating an online business is easier than ever. There’s still the “classic way” — building from scratch.

Department of Web at work

Overcoming Common Challenges in Quality Assurance

Anna Szałkiewicz

byAnna Szałkiewicz

Product Owner / QA Manager

As businesses grow, quality assurance becomes an increasingly important aspect of their operations. However, ensuring that products or services meet a high standard can be challenging, and businesses face several common obstacles.

Quality Assurance Manager

What is project documentation, and what should it contain?

Karolina Czapla

byKarolina Czapla

Marketing Specialist

During the initial planning of your software, programmers often use the phrase project documentation. From these discussions, documentation is the backbone of your project, but what is it?

Project documentation

Let’s green IT!

Karolina Czapla

byKarolina Czapla

Marketing Specialist

Software teams for Climate Change Reduction

Karolina Czapla - Marketing Specialist

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